Clearing Your Putty Registry History

1 10 2009

So lately I’ve been a little annoyed with PuTTY because on one PC, (the main PC I use) I unfortunatly logged into a server incorrectly on my very first attempt and since then it will give me an Access Denied at login. However, I am still allowed to access this server even though it prints out Access Denied. (This is broken!) If little things like this didn’t annoy the heck out of me it wouldn’t be a problem. But alas, time to fix it so here’s how.

Note (this is different then what most other blogger bafoon’s will tell you, but it’s correct) 

  1. Open the registry (regedit)
  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\
  3. Under the PuTTY directory you will notice 2 sub directories (Sessions) and (SshHostKeys).
  4. You will want to first delete all of the history under your Sessions directory (do you really want to save this anyways?)
  5. Secondly, you will need to go into the SshHostKeys folder and delete any old keys, (so probably just empty this all : minus default of course)

After this you will get your usual PuTTY security alert asking if you want to add this key to your registry. (and of course we do!!!)

 Putty Key

Oh yea, and this time we’ll try to log in correctly on our first attempt 😀




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