binary, hex, and octal conversions

7 06 2010

I’ve used these sites before in the past but thought I’d post, great for binary, hex, and octal conversions


Clearing Your Putty Registry History

1 10 2009

So lately I’ve been a little annoyed with PuTTY because on one PC, (the main PC I use) I unfortunatly logged into a server incorrectly on my very first attempt and since then it will give me an Access Denied at login. However, I am still allowed to access this server even though it prints out Access Denied. (This is broken!) If little things like this didn’t annoy the heck out of me it wouldn’t be a problem. But alas, time to fix it so here’s how.

Note (this is different then what most other blogger bafoon’s will tell you, but it’s correct) 

  1. Open the registry (regedit)
  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\
  3. Under the PuTTY directory you will notice 2 sub directories (Sessions) and (SshHostKeys).
  4. You will want to first delete all of the history under your Sessions directory (do you really want to save this anyways?)
  5. Secondly, you will need to go into the SshHostKeys folder and delete any old keys, (so probably just empty this all : minus default of course)

After this you will get your usual PuTTY security alert asking if you want to add this key to your registry. (and of course we do!!!)

 Putty Key

Oh yea, and this time we’ll try to log in correctly on our first attempt 😀

Mozilla now lets developers build a custom Firefox-based browser. This could become addictive

7 08 2009

Mozilla will soon be releasing a development kit that will let enterprise developers build a custom version of Firefox which could be used for the corporate workplace, or even better “as a browser sandbox for highly developed web applications”

On a micro level this will allow:

  • custom branding
  • configured settings / bookmarks
  • custom installer for large deployment

Hopefully this didn’t come too late,  as many IT administrators have already begun deploying updated versions of Internet Explorer.  

Regardless, I’m happy either way because this all means that companies will “finally” get away from IE 6.0 v2900 which over time has become an antiquated piece of shit to work with. But considering that Internet Explorer 7 and possibly 8 aren’t that much better, this release may be the fire-FIX that enterprise developers and common coders have been looking for.

What others have said about my new smoothwall mod : )

7 08 2009

On the offical smoothwall forums I posted the following

“So I’ve been using my old smoothwall for awhile, and I finally felt the need to create a custom case mod to showcase my love for this distro. And what better color then RED!!! This is one hot case, running on an atom mobo, with a sparc big-mac 4 port NIC. I took apart an old switch to use one of the 4 port Ethernet bricks and secured it to the front of the case. This build consumes almost no power, has a small embedded flash memory card, and has been designed for proper air flow from the bottom to the top. I used an infrared heat gun to check points on the board to guarantee low heat before throwing it into production. The case was modded and recycled from an old replay TV box that I no longer use, I machined the case to add risers, and created a custom back-plate out of 1/8″ steel for the mobo. I then modified the front controls and added red/orange LEDs for the motherboard hdd/power. I also added a fan to help with the airflow.”

Overall I’ve received a good reviews of the case mod, with a few slight jokes (mainly about the fact that “orange” is the official color for smoothwall, and I chose RED.) hey, smoothie users, as much as I love orange, red to me was a better choice, which I believe the final results prove.

But it’s still funny to see what the community thinks, check the photo below.

What about orange?

you can check the smoothwall forum on this link

My Smoothwall

7 08 2009

Just finished my custom case build for a smoothwall (i.e. Linux firewall on steroids)